About Gaeana

Gaeana is a verdant world countless light years from earth. It circles Naetha, a beautiful gas giant. Its mornings are spectacular, the sun’s golden kiss mingling with the brilliant sapphire and teal hues of Naetha. Its nights are stunning, the Northern sky dominated by the ever-present blue-green twilight.

Gaeana bears but a single, known continent. It shares the name Gaeana. Mountains claw at the sky in the deep South. White sand beaches stretch for thousands of kilometres in the North. Between the two lie all the variety and richness of terrestrial habitat you can imagine.

The surface of Gaeana is replete with life. A stunning array of species call it home. Beautiful flowers, magnificent trees, lush grasses and succulent vegetables abound. Herbivores, carnivores and omnivores of all shapes and sizes flourish at Gaeana’s breast.